Monday, May 26, 2014

"girls just want to have fun" nails! - WEEK 1, START!

Ohhh man, it has been a while!
After breaking a nail on my birthday, it was time to say goodbye to my claws for awhile. My nails were literally deteriorating, yuck! Sooo here I am, two unpleasant months later with a new set  of claws which means..PICTORIALS! Now who doesn't love pictorials? Less talking, more pictures! ...only four pictures that is. LOL

Today is a special day because I decided to start the "31 day nail art challenge"! But instead of 31 days, lets make it 31 weeks because ain't nobody got time for that!!

This week's challenge! - red nails
"girls just want to have fun"
my apologies for the bad quality and lighting.

& why do I call it "girls just want to have fun"?

As I was in the midst of painting this design, which I am definitely sure someone had already done it before, my good friend Shelley was telling me about her makeup piece she did years ago at ABA (Allied Beauty Association). She showed me tons of photos of different themes and art perfectly drawn on model's face and body and I was blown away. So many talented people! I was specifically drawn to the piece that she did for the theme "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". I loved it! It was simple & wild. And the stripes were done so well! Unlike the ones I did on my nails, they look like squiggly lines, hahah! 

Here is Shelley's piece she did at ABA! Pretty cool, isn't?!
How did I do with my nails in comparison to this look? Tell me what you think!