Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nom Nom Review ~ Over Easy Breakfast

Address: 824 Edmonton Trail Northeast

Price Range: $6.00-$17.00
Urbanspoon Rating: 91%

Serves breakfast & brunch

This was my first time going to OEB, was my first diner experience! I don't often eat out or try new places because I want to save money (typical me..) and/or I don't have the guts to try different cuisines. This time it was different - since it was after my birthday, I decided to spoil myself, hehehe. I know, diners aren't so special & it's "all the same", but to me, this was going to be good! I'm always used to eating the same thing over and over again. I thought I needed a change!  Besides, this will be a whole new experience for my taste buds!

When my friend and I arrived at this diner, we were greeted by a young man, who kindly asked us for our names & for how many. The wait was approximately 10-15 minutes or so, which wasn't too bad considering the fact that it was lunch time. However, I suggest going early to beat the long queue during peak hours & weekends. There wasn't much of a waiting area, so we were all bundled up at the entrance, but what do you expect from a small diner?
Appearance wise - the tables were a little tight, but it didn't seem like any one mind it at all. There was a modern atmosphere & the interior was retro-inspired, which I thought was pretty awesome because it wasn't a "typical" setting as you see on TV. Everyone was laughing & smiling. With that, the whole place just gave off a nice & relaxing aura because it felt like everyone was enjoying each other's presence!

Now here comes the problem! Being someone who has never been to a diner before and eats the same things every day, what do I choose?! Hahaha

Sooo many good choices, ranging from bennies to sweet cravings, they had them all & I wanted them all! I wanted to try a bit of everything, something with fruits, potato wedges and toast. So I decided on one of their BLUE PLATE SPECIAL called "Breakfast in Tuscany".
Breakfast in Tuscany - Two poached eggs, sun-dried tomatoes, San Daniele prosciutto, rye bread, herb potatoes & fresh fruit

Yummmmmy! Good choice for a newbie! This dish was delicious! I absolutely enjoy poached eggs & bennies, but I dislike Hollandaise sauce. Without hollandaise sauce, bennies tastes bland. So this dish was perfect for me, the prosciutto & sun-dried tomatoes definitely added a kick to it! I've never tried prosciutto before until dining at OEB, nor do I know how to pronounce it, fail. I've seen it being sold at grocery storse but never knew what it was for. Next time, I'm definitely buying some!
Potatoes, the one food I can't cut out. The herbed potatoes were perfectly seasoned and moist. Just how I love them. I could eat those all day & every day. Accompanied by the potatoes were fresh fruit, how could any one say no to that?

Overall, this nestled small diner was a delight! Way beyond my expectations! Service was excellent, atmosphere was pleasant & everything was fresh & cooked to perfection. Yummy breakfast! Highly recommended!

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