Wednesday, November 20, 2013

diy nail polish rack

Gooood afternooon! I wanted to share with you a finished project that I starting in spring but didn't finish it until last week with the assistance of my dad! Hurray for SuperDad! HAHA, DIY NAIL POLISH RACK! I've seen many on the internet made with foam and decorating tape and it makes me wonder~ omggg, is that safe for long period of time?! So I eventually stumbled upon an YouTube video by dulcecandy87 and she made her nail polish rack from wood. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

When I went to Home Depot, they didn't have any pre-cut hobby boards that I wanted. All they had were thick & stubby ones, which I knew would definitely add some extra weight to the rack.
So in the end, I bought THREE large pre-cut panels (24" x 36") and had to cut it myself to the desired length. If you don't have any cutting tools, Home Depot offers to cut it for you, but of course, extra fee applies & depending how much pieces you need cut, it can get pretty pricey!

The tools & supplies I used:
10 - 2" x 24" boards for the shelf
2 - 2.5" x 36"boards for the sides (I noticed in dulcecandy87's video that her shelf boards were sticking out and the sides were too short, so I added 0.5" to the sides hopefully it would match up.)
1 - 24" x 36" back board
Nail gun, if not available, hot glue and gorilla glue would work.
Elmer's Wood Glue
Blue interior paint
Plastic Anchors

After gathering all my tools & supplies, I followed the rest of the steps from the Youtube above. & VOILA, here is my lovely nail polish board, all pretty and such. :)


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